The Elvira Adored & Adorned Portrait Experience

This is a rare opportunity to experience a unique collaboration with renowned artists Harvey B-Brown and David Scheinmann working under the name Adored & Adorned at Castle Elvira.
The philosophy behind these artworks is to question why we document our lives with throw away selfies which will end up being lost.
An Adored & Adored portrait is a treasured investment that can be handed down from generation to generation and become a family heirloom.
These stunning mixed media portraits start from a simple high resolution photograph, that is then worked though many metamorphic layers of painting, collage, sculpting and digitising. The final masterpiece is then adorned with a beguiling mix of 2D and 3D objects personally related to the subject.
The experience includes 2 Castle Suites for a maximum of 4 adults including the subject of the portrait.
Come and be a part of this amazing experience and live with the artists, witnessing first hand the evolution of your portrait. You will be asked to find objects to adorn the artwork, making it personal and memorable.

Castle Elvira/Artists’ Atelier

Whats included:
3-night stay for up to 4 adults, sharing 2 suites, breakfast, lunch and dinner services are included.
A original 3D portrait framed in hard wood box under glass, including delivered to your door.

This experience has to be prearranged. Please ask for more information.

From 9,750€

Extra prints can be created on demand.
Extra p&p may apply for destinations beyond Europe.